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  پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%

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Emtiaz : 33
Posts : 652
Thanx : 1366
Join date : 2013-02-14
Location : Iran.Gilan
Humor Humor : Vb/HTML/Java

PostSubject: پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%   February 20th 2013, 7:55 pm

salam khedmate dostane golam emroz raveshio beheton yad midam ke hich jaye dige ono peyda nemikonid

ba estefade az in tarfand mitoonid ID khodetono az kasi ke shomaro hack
karde pas begirid hatta age taraf tell va e-maile shomaro pak karde

hala marhale be marhale migam chikar konid

aval ye email be support@nimbuzz.com send konid va darkhaste bargardondane IDitono begid intori

subject : request to backup my username

hello my nimbuzz ID has been hacked please help me to backup my username thanks

badesh ona in emailo be shoma send mikonan

Thanks for your request.
In order to help you to solve thisissue, we need to request some information:
Which is your Nimbuzz id?
How did you noticed that your account was stolen or hacked?
Who warned you?
Did you had an email or phone number associated to it? If yes, which one?
To verify you are the owner of that account, when (date) was it created?
We are also investigating the methods used to hack/steal accounts,
please inform us about the following:
Did you provide your account credentials (username&password) to any
Nimbuzz contact? or Did you submit your password in a Nimbuzz look a
like website?
If yes, could you provide us information about it?
When did this happen?
Who (which user) did inform you about it?
The Nimbuzz Team

hala shoma reply bezanid va inaro begid

yep i have had some added accounts from some comunications like yahoo and facebook and gtalk
the accounts were : ID@yahoo.nimbuzz.com & ID@yahoo.nimbuzz.com & ID@fb.nimbuzz.com va chanta dige
yep i have had some added accounts on mu nimbuzz id like : ID1@nimbuzz.com ,
ID2@nimbuzz.com ,
ID3@nimbuzz.com ,
ID4@nimbuzz.com ,
ID5@nimbuzz.com ,
my registered email adress on my nimbuzz account was ID@yahoo.com
my nimbuzz password was : password

ona ham dar akhar passwordetono reset mikonan va be emaile shoma send mikonan

IDe mano 2 hafte pish ba trojan zadan va man az tariqe in ravesh IDimo pass gereftam

be hamin sadegiiiiiiiiiii

man tamame in kararo ba mobile anjam dadam albate bayad mobilet ver bala bashe ke ghabeliate

sent kardan va email zadan ro dashte bashe Razz
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PostSubject: Re: پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%   February 21st 2013, 10:52 am

lol! ide man un avayel ke nim miumadam hack shod yeki hamin ravesho goft manam idmo pas gereftam
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New Member
New Member

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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%   February 21st 2013, 8:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%   

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پس گرفتن ایدی هک شده.حتی اگه شماره و ایمیلتون رو عوض کرده باشه 100%
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